ZyngaSocial network game developer Zynga wants to take our Farmville obsession and bring it into the online gambling space. The San Francisco-based company confirmed to All Things D it is actively seeking out partners to create an Internet gambling empire, revealing there's a real interest in the market from Zynga Poker players in particular.

Meeting the requirements, though, won't be as easy as 1, 2, 3, meaning any potential roll out is still months away. Zynga will have to meet state, national and international regulations. In addition, the company will have to secure proper licenses and the technology necessary to keep the operation secure. If it does, there is potential for a big pay off.

"We build games and experiences that our players want and love. Zynga Poker is the world's largest online poker game with more than 7 million people playing every day and over 30 million each month."

Zynga has previously shown interest in casino endeavors by launching Zynga Casino late last year. Its new gambling initiative could bank off its immensely popular games, which are already similar to gambling in nature – they're addictive and encourage users to continue playing for that ultimate payoff.

Right now, Zynga's biggest obstacle is the law. Several international countries permit online gambling, but the U.S. is currently a different story. Currently only Nevada (big surprise) and the District of Columbia have moved to enact online gambling laws – getting other states involved could be a lengthy process.

I haven't tried my hand at online gambling, nor have I gotten the chance to try any of Zynga's online games. I know how insanely addictive both can be, making the idea of combining the two that much more terrifying.