In an attempt to distance itself from Facebook, Zynga annoucned that it has made it possible to play their games without having to log in to the social networking site. Tom Caitlin, general manager of Zynga, cited users’ preferences of not displaying their real names as explanation for this change.

Previously if you wished to play Zynga games online (not through a mobile app), you needed a Facebook account to access the games on the company’s platform. Thursday’s change now allows users to create a new user account on Zynga’s system or play using Facebook credentials.

Since 2007 Zynga has seen massive growth through its exclusive partnership with Facebook, with the company pulling in 90 percent of its revenue from Facebook. Truthfully, the change has been brewing for awhile as its competitive advantage shrank and Google and Facebook announced their partnership had expired.

With this separation Zynga looks to add additional social features within its games, so far its “social stream” displays information within games to friends within its own ecosystem.

Zynga has faced many hurdles over the past year with diminished marketshare, layoffs and executives bolting for greener pastures. The company appears to be trying to jump start its casual gaming ecosystem with more favorable experiences like streamlined log-in processes.