Facebook CEO Mark Zuckeberg has his own smart home artificial intelligence. It’s not Siri or Alexa or Google Assistant. It’s called Jarvis and Zuckerberg says he built it after a year of coding. Even cooler? The AI uses Morgan Freeman’s voice.

Zuckerberg recently published a video of Jarvis in action. It wakes him up and alerts him of the room temperature and how many meetings he has that day. It starts teaching his child Mandarin. It ties in with Facebook Messenger and his light system so a simple text can control the lights. It can identify his parents using video cameras at the front gate, and let in other visitors it recognizes. It is… amazing.

The video, on the other hand, is a bit awkward. Zuckerberg clearly seems pleased with his AI, though the interactions are awkward, clearly staged and, honestly, not fluid. I can’t think of a situation where I’d rather text my home AI to turn off the lights instead of simply speaking it or, better yet, tapping a single button in an app like Apple Home or Philips Hue.

The bigger picture here, however, is that this is almost certainly where the smart home is heading, and at a very rapid pace. We’re already capable of doing almost everything in this video, and my guess is the rest will be filled in within a few years. To function properly, we’ll need speakers and microphones around the house, and the AI will also need to know where we are as we move around. But those things are simple and, as we can see here, this is just the result of a one-year project. Imagine what we’ll have after 5 years?

Check out the full video below: