Zuckerberg - VR

This image? This image is terrifying.

Facebook Creator Mark Zuckerberg strolled past a crowd of virtual reality wearers on his way to the stage at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. He posted the picture to his own timeline, along with a few others from his speaking event. Assuredly, this was a cool moment for Zuckerberg as he walked by a sea of unknowing tech writers. His appearance on stage, once they removed their Gear VRs, was likely a surprise.

The image, however, has been received differently on the Internet. Zuckerberg is one of the few and elite as he walks past a sea of addicts, or so some versions of the fictional narrative go. The image calls to mind the future as described by Aldous Huxley in 1932's Brave New World.

That novel featured a dystopian future where citizens are arrested in complacency by an overabundance of tech and information. Society is controlled by the presence of luxury and concepts like virtual reality, though the author never alluded specifically to that.

None of this was Zuckerberg's intention, I'm sure. The parallels, though, are interesting. Is VR one more step towards Huxley's version of the future?