ZTE’s Spro 2 has been available for a few months already, but until now the smart projector only worked with AT&T’s network. Now the company is offering a Verizon version, though it costs a little extra.

You can pick up the Spro 2 for Verizon from ZTE for $599 off-contract. By comparison, AT&T is offering the same product for $499 without a contract, or just $359 when you sign a 2-year commitment. We’re not sure why one version costs more than the other, though hopefully that price will go down soon.

ZTE’s smart projector is still pretty sweet. It features cellular support and a built-in battery so you can set up a quick movie screening without too much effort. It also runs Android with a few modifications and offers a hotspot for up to 10 other devices. The built-in speakers are pretty decent too, though you’ll want to bring your own for most situations.

If you’re interested in picking up the Spro 2 for Verizon hit the source link now, though like we said it may be worth waiting a little longer to see if the carrier offers any sort of discount moving forward.