ZTE just announced its second Android-powered projector during the 2015 CES. It’s called the Spro 2, and it seems like a pretty nifty gadget that will be available later this year.

The Spro 2 is powered by Android and allows folks to stream content directly from the Google Play Store. Users can also opt to pop in their own microSD card for streaming content from that, or through an HDMI port, over a wireless connection or via HDMI. It sounds pretty robust to us.

It’s also smart, which means you won’t have to sit around and try to figure out the focus and adjusting the projection on your wall. That’s thanks to built-in auto-focus and auto keystone. You’ll get a huge image, too — 120-inches in fact — at a resolution of 1280 x 720-pixels and with a 200 lumens brightness rating. If you want, you can also connect eight devices via a 4G LTE network to the Spro 2.

And if battery life is a concern, it shouldn’t be. The Spro 2 packs a built-in 6,300mAh battery which it says will give users about 3 hours of streaming before it dies.

Pricing for the Spro 2 wasn’t announced, but expect to see it available through U.S. wireless carriers early this year.