ZTE recently published a vague press release that suggests two things: the ZTE Grand Memo will officially be unveiled during Mobile World Congress, as well as something related to ZTE and its relationship with Mozilla. Our best guess? ZTE has a Firefox OS smartphone in the works.

The company prepped us with this: "To whet your appetite – the hasthtags for the announcements will be #ZTEGrandMemo [and] #ZTEMozzila." Our best bet is that it's an entry-level device of sorts that will be sold in emerging markets, although we'll certainly find out more during the company's press event. Stay tuned for more!

ZTE – Life is Grand
Mobile Devices Global Media Launch – MWC 2013

ZTE would like to invite you to the announcement of two major new mobile devices at MWC 2013. To whet your appetite – the hashtags for the announcements will be:
#ZTEGrandMemo #ZTEMozilla