Back when the Power Rangers were actually good, you lived for the moment they’d call in their Zords to fight the overgrown beast of the day.  Really, though, the Megazord was the be-all end-all that stood the test of time.  The web isn’t so different.  We’ve got a powerhouse of web platforms like Twitter and Facebook where people do most of their information sharing.  Combining these major sharing outlets into a centralized destination on the web could prove fatal to the one-stop shopping experiences we’re accustomed to today.  ZooLoo hopes to change all that, and more.

Your Domain = Your Identity

ZooLoo sees a web future where a user’s identity is tied to their own domain.  All major social networks provide their user base with custom “vanity URLs” where users are supposed to call home.  If the success seen with Facebook’s introduction to the vanity URL is any indication, users resonate with the idea.  They may not know it yet, but users could soon be clamoring for one domain where users from any web platform can share their ideas and updates to their friends and family.  We shouldn’t have to join Twitter and Facebook and MySpace and Tumblr just to share content with all our contacts.

Social Media Aggregation

Let’s face it, most of the population isn’t comfortable abandoning their profiles on other social networks just yet.  Instead, more and more users are gravitating towards applications like Seismic that allow for simultaneous updating and refreshing of all their accounts.  These social network aggregators are becoming the go-to sources for keeping up with the always-growing number of social media outlets.  While we’re in the interim of transitioning from multiple platforms to a single core source, ZooLoo allows its users to gather their Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn interaction into a single page.


You can access your Twitter feeds, direct messages, favorites, lists, and searches. You can access your Facebook news feeds, status updates, photos, and friends.  Your MySpace activities, friends, photos and alerts as well as your LinkedIn contacts, profile, and invites can all be viewed just as you’d expect from the original sources themselves.  From this same portal, you can simultaneously update the same platforms with one status update to share photos, videos, or links that you find around the web.  Share your status everywhere with one update.

Graffiti Blogs

Since our feature on ZooLoo last year, they’ve introduced their own spin on blogging.  It shares many of the same features as a traditional blog but they’ve tied in the ability to push these same updates to your favorites social media outlets instantly.  Named Graffiti, each ZooLoo user now has a platform to blog their own content with included pictures and videos embedded.  If you find something cool you want to share on your Graffiti blog, you can click the ZooLoo Share bookmarklet for easy publishing to your ZooLoo blog.

premiumzoolooPremium Add-ons

Every ZooLoo account comes with your own ZooLoo domain, social media aggregator and Graffiti blog.  They’ve also introduced a ton of premium features that allow the user to fully customize the hub of their web life.  For a little extra, users can add a photo gallery to easily share photos on your site.  ZooLoo allows you to monitor your web traffic, monetize your site through ads, and enable user-friendly search engine optimization to help get your site more traffic.

ZooLoo takes the best features of some of the most popular sites on the web and combines them into a powerhouse web platform.  It’s WordPress meets Twitter meets Facebook meets Flickr meets…well, you get the idea.  Check out ZooLoo, sign up for your free account and see how it can simplify your web life.  If the future of our web identity is the domain, ZooLoo’s way ahead of the game.