Every once in a while, an idea comes along that’s so stunningly simple, and yet so incredibly clever, you’ve just got to slap your forehead and say, “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

When the TechnoBuffalinos saw the ZooGue BinderPad, it grabbed our attention. This iPad 2 holder, with holes that line up with standard three-ring binders, is a stroke of genius. Not only are binders inexpensive and ubiquitous for students and office workers, but in this digital age, there’s a touch of nostalgia about carting an iPad in one — particularly for people who fondly recall those trusty Trapper Keepers.

This concept is brilliant for a number of reasons: First, since you’re supplying the binder, you can go as cute, straightforward, retro, or plain as you want. Second, if the exterior gets marred, or you get sick of the color, it’s cheap to replace. Third, you can keep any analog notes (read: paper) right there with your tablet. But the best part might actually be the secondary feature: The holes in the BinderPad can be used to hang the device up in key areas of the home. At $30, this is a bargain, especially considering how pricey other wall-hanging systems can get.

I can only imagine that the margins for this are pretty low, but owner Tim Angel still manages to donate a dollar from every sale to non-profits, like Children International, so you can also feel good about your purchase.

The BinderPad comes in Dark Grey or Black, and sales have just opened, so hit up ZooGue for more info. Or take a look at the promo vid below.