Here’s a fun search term trick for Google: “Zerg Rush.” Type it in and defend your search index from the incoming zerglin–ahem, Os. It’s tough stuff, but Google keeps track of your kills and APM.

Google has been doing these things for a while now. Another popular gaming related trick on Google is searching for “do a barrel roll.” Of course, the subject of fun in that joke is Star Fox. Search it and enjoy.

Zerg Rushing is from the wonderful world of Starcraft. If you’ve never heard of it, here’s an extremely quick and dumbed down explanation. Zergling are cheap to make at the beginning of a match. Within five minutes, Zerg forces can amass a giant swarm of zergling and send them to your base. The power comes in the number of attackers, not in their physical strength.

Lose in the zerg rush, like I did, and Google’s polite enough to wish you “GG,” or, in geek speak, “good game.” Thanks, Google, really.

[via Google]