Rhett Reese, the writer and producer of Zombieland, took to his Twitter account last night with some bad news for fans of the franchise.

Zombieland was amongst the pilots that Amazon Studios posted for customers to comment on and rate to see which would continue on to a series. Before this contiuation of the popular movie evan began filming there was a lot of hatred due to the announcement that it would recast the film characters as opposed to creating entirely new ones.

Once the pilot did finally go before the public, however, it wasn't just the recast characters that seemed to doom it. The overwhelming consensus was that the script was a mess, and it didn't seem to appeal to anyone. As you can see from Reese's tweets however, he blames the fans for its failure and not standing up for it. Apparently he expected people to stand up for a poor try at the project no matter what.

Amazon has yet to announce which of the other 13 series it aired pilots for will be picked up, if any.