Well, this is disheartening. Ziff Davis, the owner of PCMAG.com and a whole slew of other properties like IGN, is trying to sell its Game of the Year awards to different game creators. The maker of Minecraft and head of Mojang, Markus "Notch" Persson," shared an email he received from the media conglomerate on Twitter.

Here's his tweet.

Notch's screenshot of the email should embed in the tweet. In case it didn't, here's a direct link to the file on imgur.

The basic premise? Ziff Davis owns PCMag.com. They've named Minecraft the winner in a whole slew of award categories, and the email serves as a quote for Mojang to purchase the right to display the award logos. Each logo will  cost $500 a shot. Or, and isn't this generous, Mojang can buy all of the logos for a measly $6,000.

The email indicates that the PCMag.com logo winners are, essentially, like JD Power winners. Displaying the logo means earning instant consumer trust and a more likely purchase.

Which gives me an incredible idea. You, dear reader, have been selected as Joey Davidson's favorite article reader of 2013. I've even created an award.

Joey Davidson Reading Award

You can purchase the right to display this award on your resume for a paltry $250. For $500, I'll include a picture of me high-fiving a picture of you. This is pretty much like winning an Academy Award for reading well.

Don't pass this opportunity up, friends.