If you’re fresh to Chime’s Zero Escape franchise and have no idea what to expect from the upcoming third game, English localizer Aksys Games has released a brand new gameplay trailer through Polygon that shows exactly what is expected of players in this mind-bending puzzler.

Escape or die! In this video, two characters find themselves locked in a room and are tasked to escape within 30 minutes. Otherwise, a friend will roast when the room’s incinerators turn on.

Is that enough motivation to kickstart your brain?

Included with the gameplay trailer is a new interview with creator Kotaru Uchikoshi. Hopefully, both videos are enough to get your blood flowing for this excellent series, which has been given this miracle opportunity for a third entry. Not many other would have been selected for such treatment, but the vocal fanbase for Zero Escape is huge with good reason.

Zero Time Dilemma launches for the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita on June 28. A PC version is expected in English before the year is out as well.