Zelda Williams

Zelda Williams, the daughter of legendary comedian Robin Williams named after the titular princess of Nintendo's beloved adventure series, will be at E3 this year, and he she has an "extra special' surprise waiting for all of us.

This translates into Nintendo has something related to the Legend of Zelda to show off during its E3 presentation this year. Nintendo frequently collaborates with Williams when prepping for the series' thanks to her outspoken Nintendo fandom and convenient name given to her by her father back during the early days of Nintendomania.

The only snag?

Exactly what Nintendo has planned for E3 in regards to the Legend of Zelda remains to be known. A full blown Zelda game for the Wii U is a very real possibility, and it will give the flailing console the much needed popularity boost it requires to turn around it fortunes. On the other hand though, it could just be more information on the Tecmo Koei collaboration, Hyrule Warriors.

That would be sweet, but I am pulling for a brand new Legend of Zelda game. The time has come to see Link set off on a brand new adventure in full blown HD, and I'll be praying from now until June 9 that it will happen.