The Legend of Zelda franchise kicked off as the original open world adventure, and Breath of the Wild has finally brought it full circle as the new standard by which we judge the genre. Nintendo is obviously pleased to be leading the pack once again, and the series’ producer believes that this might be how every game in the series carries itself from now on.

Speaking with Famitsu, Producer Eiji Aonuma plainly states that he thinks that all Legend of Zelda games will be created in the mold of Breath of the Wild from now on.

The next game might be an even greater challenge, but will it evolve the open air concept of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or will you make a dungeon clearing-type game?

Aonuma: “In the future, this will probably become the standard form.”

But I like the dungeon crawling adventure games, too

Breath of the Wild might be the new hotness, but I’ve always been a fan of the classic Zelda formula. Special weapons, puzzles, dungeons, maps, keys, compasses, master keys. The series might have found new footing in a genre that it should have broken into years ago, but that doesn’t mean the classic style should be abandoned.

This is where we come back to pitting the classic overhead games against the 3D games. Both need to exist in this world to please the whole spectrum of Zelda fans, and A Link Between Worlds proved that there was still plenty of ways Nintendo could improve upon those classic ideas.

So, Nintendo, I beg that you consider making this the standard form just for the major games and let a team retool the overhead games in a way that keeps the traditional approach alive.