Okay, so it's pretty cool that you can turn your car on without a key, or tell your house lights to dim after a certain hour, but none of us have anything on Zelda fan Allen Pan. His whole house runs on ocarina songs.

In the video below, Pan shows off his setup by first unlocking his door with Zelda's Lullaby. Throughout the video, he shows off a bunch of custom responses to various Zelda tunes, including tweaking his home's thermostat, watering his plants, and finding his cellphone.

Okay, so it's pretty complicated

None of this is simple, and none of it is practical. Some of the automation, such as Minuet of Forest watering his plants, is pretty contrived. But that's kind of the point.

Pan clearly put a ton of work into the project, and the results are a lot of fun.

The first time I experienced The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the titular musical instrument was a new idea and a magical experience. Instead of just activating pressing the A button to open a door or going into a menu to activate time travel, I had to punch in a series of buttons. The better I got at those tunes the better they sounded in-game. Learning them both made me feel smarter and immersed me in the game. By integrating them into his house, Pan is doing something similar: bringing a bit of magic to his home.

Allen, if you're reading this, might I recommend adding a trigger to play the Zelda treasure sound every time you raise the lid in your bathroom?