In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, part of Link’s quest to defeat Gannon involves saving the Divine Beasts from his blight. These Divine Beasts were built to keep the kingdom safe. They’ve soured under Gannon’s reign.

Not by their choosing, of course.

One sharp-eared fan noticed something about the theme songs these Divine Beasts have. The songs? They contain the Morse Code for S.O.S., the universally recognized “save our ship” that’s blasted during duress.

Here’s Takfloyd on Reddit.

I was listening to the soundtrack and spotted this in the first phase of Vah Medoh’s theme, then went back and paid closer attention to the other three Divine Beast background themes and indeed – one of the audio channels beeps out S.O.S. in all of them, until you activate the first terminal and the music changes. In the case of the other three beasts it’s harder to spot because the opposite channel plays a different set of beeps, but it’s unmistakably there. I thought that was interesting.

What’s S.O.S.sound like in Morse Code?

That’s short-short-short-long-long-long-short-short-short, basically. Here it is both in standards beeps and the Divine Beast theme referenced.