Nintendo has officially released The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition for both the 3DS and DSi. The game is available, right now, from both devices' respective marketplaces for absolutely nothing. It's free, and it's part of Nintendo's 25th anniversary celebration for the Zelda franchise.

This version of Four Swords is not the same adventure title that sold for the GameCube back in 2004. Instead, players will be getting an extended version of the Four Swords game that launched within the Game Boy Advance remake of A Link to the Past. That bonus title was a multiplayer only feature, but this edition of Four Swords includes a brand new single player quest.

It also includes, as the trailer above indicates, brand new levels based around other Zelda games in the franchise. That should explain both the regular Game Boy and Link to the Past aesthetics that crop up during the clip.

The multiplayer mode for this game is limited to local wireless play only. We'd complain, but this is free. Just know, inside … we're still complaining really hard. In fact, we'll probably sigh in disbelief every time we boot up and enjoy this completely free software.

2011 has been crazy with Zelda content: we've seen Link's AwakeningOcarina of Time 3DThe Legend of Zelda as part of the Ambassador program and Four Swords for free, and we're about to have our free time robbed by Skyward Sword.

The free nature of this download is only good for a limited time, so make sure you bust out your systems and download this title before the deal disappears for good.