At E3 2016, one of the most popular demos was without a doubt Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game was revealed literally hours before the show floor opened on the first day of the actual convention, and the demo was so popular that Nintendo had to deny entry to the waiting line 30 minutes after each day began.

In fact, we even covered the rushing folks were doing just to stand in line for Zelda‘s demo.

What if you didn’t want to wait? What if you didn’t even want to attend E3? What if one attendee actually stole the demo and shared it with the world? That could have happened, according to this report.

Kotaku caught up with the would-be-thief in an interview, but rumors swirled around places like Twitter and NeoGAF ahead of that story. Someone actually tried to make their way to a kiosk, grab the file, toss it on an SD card and get it online. Or, at least, so goes the story. Kotaku verified it as much as they could ahead of the report, including getting a photo of the near-thief’s E3 lanyard. Though they admit that could easily be faked.

They caught up with Nintendo hacker and leaker NWPlayer123, and she offered that she was involved with the potential theft “from the sidelines.” The alleged thief was, according to this report, a 17-year-old game developer with a reputation for hacking Mario Kart 8.

The hacker told Kotaku that “the Wii U hacking community has tools and resources to grab the game over the network as it is being played.” They just needed access to the GamePad, though things didn’t work out.

The problem? Allegedly, Nintendo was using non-retail Wii Us to run the demo. That meant the tool needed to be rewritten. Fair enough. When the hacker finally got to the kiosk, the big problem was opening the system’s internet browser long enough without a Nintendo employee noticing. There are a ton of them at the booth.

This happened on day two of the show. The code they had to rewrite? It didn’t work. They tried to fix things and give it another shot on day three of the show, but the line was capped before the hacker could even get in.

Kotaku has a whole lot more on this bonkers story. Hit the source link below to check it out.

We went hands-on with Zelda at the show. You can read our impressions here.