“Speechless.” That’s what word The Legend of Zelda Series Producer Eiji Aonuma uses to explain how the development team feels when they watch players use Breath of the Wild‘s physics engine to do wonderful and absurd things.

Speaking with Nikkei, here’s what Aonuma had to say.

“When we apply the laws of physics in this game – based on the physics engine, various kinds of ‘interesting things’ will happen.

We intentionally give [much] freedom in testing them out, but I’m surprised on the tricks of using the Magnesis item that can carry anything metallic. When you place a block on a metal trolley, and when you stand on top of it and then pull the trolley [with Magnesis], it will gradually soar up into the sky. When we saw the video that used that method to move mid-air, all the staff became speechless (laughs).”

We happen to know the video he’s talking about

While I wasn’t necessarily speechless when I saw the video Aonuma is referring to, I did think it was definitely cool. Here’s the clip in question where the player uses a metal trolley and a metal block to fly up in the air.

Yep, that’s exactly how glorious the physics system is in Breath of the Wild. I still goof off in this game for this exact reason.

What nutso things have you done?