I… I had no idea this was possible. I’m around 10 to 15 hours into my first playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and I’ve been taking my time when it comes to selecting whether or not I upgrade my heart containers or my stamina meter after clearing shrines.

I don’t want to get it wrong, quite honestly, and wish I had more of one or less of another. The decisions have been arduous.

Turns out, you can actually change your mind and reassign your upgrades in this game. It costs 20 rupees per respect, all said and done, but it’s possible.

How to change your heart and stamina upgrades

Polygon explains that you need to find a child playing near the entrance gate of Hateno Village, likely during the day. Talk to them, and they’ll bring you to a statue. That statue apparently looks a bit like the standard upgrade statues.

Interact with it, and it’ll take a heart from you. Then it’ll give it back, don’t sweat it. That’s when you can re-spec your upgrades. The statue will pay you 100 rupees for every heart container and stamina add-on. They’ll return a stat of your choice for 120 rupees. Thus the 20 rupee cost.