Nintendo has updated the official Japanese website for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and the new details give us a look into the origins of Link, Zelda, Daruk, and… Falco?

■ Story Background

A disaster known as the great calamity occurred and the kingdom of Hyrule was destroyed…

100 years have passed, and the protagonist Link awakens from a long sleep in an underground ruins, and guided by a mysterious voice, he treads forward towards the vast land.

■ Characters


A young man who woke up with all of his memories lost. Guided by a mysterious voice, he throws himself into a journey in the vast land of Hyrule.


The princess of the Hyrule kingdom. She is a wise girl brimming with curiosity, but who has a deep complex. She is doing independent research on the ancient ruins scattered throughout the world.


A Goron who lives in Hyrule. As the leading warrior among the Gorons, he is always calm, cool, and collected. He also has a valiant side in that, once he steps foot into battle, he lets out a frightening war cry and mows down his enemies.


A Rito who lives in Hyrule. He wears the same blue cloak as Daruk and Mipha…


A Zora who lives in Hyrule. She has a quiet and reserved personality, and holds a special power not held by other Zora.


Relics said to have been manufactured by people in the distant past. At the time of the great calamity, the Guardians suddenly attacked people, and still run wild even now after 100 years.


A species of monster that lives in Hyrule. They live by building hideouts with several other Bokoblins. They also have a cute side to them in that they are said not to like bees. But if they spot you moving along, they will attack.

Star Fox did land on a Dinosaur Planet once…

It’s been over 15 years, but I remember back when Nintendo and Rare tried to shoehorn Star Fox into a Legend of Zelda game with Star Fox Adventures. It didn’t turn out so hot. Hopefully, Falco’s adventures in Hyrule are a bit more successful.

What? His name is Revali? Well… not anymore.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be released for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U on March 3.