Capcom is going through the entire roster of Street Fighter V before the game’s launch on Feb. 16. Days after getting reacquainted with our old friend Ken, we have three more faces primed for a return to the big stage: one veteran, one newcomer, and one old friend who has been missing for far too long.

First up is Zangief, the massive Russian wrestler who is still rocking the communist red Speedo from his days as a representative of the Soviet Union. It’s been 25 years, bud! Time for a new getup! He returns with his muscular body and plenty of new wrestling moves to bring the pain to his opponents.

Following him is Necali, a newcomer to the Street Fighter universe. Capcom doesn’t have too much to say about him because this chaotic beast’s backstory is shrouded in mystery. Capcom describes his fighting style as animalistic, and we’ll have to wait and see how he competes with Blanka once Street Fighter’s previous animalistic fighter returns through DLC.

And at long last, Charlie Nash returns to Street Fighter following his early departure from the Street Fighter Alpha series. Capcom hints that he is no longer a champion of justice, and his Frankenstein look implies that he’s got a much more personal stake in the fight. Sounds like Nash is putting his feelings over the larger prize, a wedge that could create drama between him and long time buddy, Guile.

Street Fighter V launches on PlayStation 4 and PC on Feb. 16.

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