Earlier this week, director Zack Snyder revealed that the Robin who was killed by the Joker in Batman v Superman was Richard “Dick” Grayson, not Jason Todd. Now, Snyder has revealed who he had planned to take over the role, and it isn’t who you think.

According to Snyder, he planned to introduce Carrie Kelley to the DC Extended Universe, a character who made her debut in the comic Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, which was created by Frank Miller. Snyder has already taken plenty of inspiration from Miller’s work, so hearing that he was interested in Kelley is no surprise.

Snyder didn’t reveal when he planned to introduce Kelley, but considering the director has next to no involvement in the DCEU, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see her fighting alongside the Dark Knight. That’s hugely disappointing, because it would have been a nice way to diversify the DCEU while exposing audiences to a fairly unknown character outside of comic circles.

In the comics, Carrie Kelley is a teenager who is a Batman fanatic. When one of Batman’s fights goes south, she’s there to save his life, becoming Robin shortly after.

There’s still a chance we’ll see Kelley appear in a movie, though highly unlikely. Matt Reeves is said to be directing a solo Batman film, which will feature a younger Dark Knight. Why not include Kelley, too?