Yuneec on Thursday announced a new six-rotor drone that sports commercial-grade cameras for high-end commercial use. The H520 offers a longer flight time, retractable landing gear and greater payload capacity than earlier models.

The H520 is coated in highly visible Hazard Orange and designed to be able to run even if one of the rotors fail. The camera is capable of 360 movement on a 3-axis gimbal.

The H520 is available in three camera options: CGO-ET dual thermal RGB, CGO-CI seven-element inspection ready, and CGO 3+. These different cameras fit specific needs, like search and rescue, solar inspections. The CGO-CI is designed with broadcast and cinema applications. The H520 camera options also include panoramic shooting, burst, time-lapse and metering modes. It is also paired with Intel RealSense, which allows the drone to more intelligently navigate around objects.

The H520’s controller sports a 7-inch display with 720P real-time video output.

This drone is for the pro

The H520 heavily focuses on safety features, industrial and commercial applications. It’s feature rich and fills a void that is necessary for greater durability and longer flight times. The Yuneec H520 will be available in a few months and will be priced from $2499 to $4499.