Square Enix showed off a little more of its mysterious World of Final Fantasy project at Jump Festa this past weekend, shining light on new story elements and, most importantly, cameo appearances by fan-favorite characters!

First and foremost, the trailer freaks us out by showing that the differences between the Japanese chibi- art style and the doe-eyed Disney art style are actually something that characters in the game recognize, not just a jump between cutscenes and gameplay. The changes that the characters make can be seen, and our lead female calls into question the rules of this strange new world.

We’ve also seen a few cameos from other Final Fantasy games so far, but Yuna is the best after making her appearance in this trailer. She has always been one of my favorite characters from Final Fantasy X, and seeing her in this cutesy form is just a little too much. Cloud, Lightning, and the Warrior of Light also drop in at the end of the trailer, and it’s just one big cuddly ball of cute.

I’m interested in seeing where this game goes. Final Fantasy has never really been about its adorable points, and this just looks like all that plain, silly fun that has often eluded each title smashes into a single game. World of Final Fantasy launches for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in 2016.