Next up in our favorite band of demon busting high schoolers is Persona 4 Dancing All Night's Yukiko Amagi. Unlike the pop-idol Rise or kung-fu champ Chie, Yukiko is more of what you would expect from a stereotypical, traditional, Japanese girl.

Graceful, polite, long black hair, always wearing a kimono, cooking away for guests at her family's inn. Her name even means "snow" in kanji, and she carries this delicate persona over into her ballet style of dancing.

Persona 4 Dancing All Night further explores her quirky sense of humor and her uneasiness about living up to everyone's expectations, a kind of continuation of her subplot in the main Persona 4 game. Now, she is worried about living up to the expectations of dancing, and her issues stem from an anxiety to choose between what she wants and what others want from her.

I think all of these kids need to sit down and confide in a good therapist. It really does a lot of wonders to talk it out rather than get violent. Battling demons has never been a good way to… battle your demons. Maybe dancing will work better.

Anyway, Persona 4 Dancing All Night will be released for the PS Vita later this month in Japan, and the North American version will hit shelves before the end of the year.