Crimson haired adventurer Adol Christin is once again scheduled to be shipwrecked on April 28. This is the date XSEED has set for the long-overdue PC version of Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, and like clockwork, the waves are already rolling in for our ocean adverse friend.

As always, our crimson haired hero finds himself stranded on a mystical island after a shipwreck, and he must do the bidding of blue haired anime ladies if he wishes to escape or save the world, whichever day of the week it is. Does nothing ever change with this guy? Seriously, this is the plot for every Ys game. I suppose the twist this time around is that he has to deal with not one but two blue haired anime ladies.

Way to stretch the imagination, Nihon Falcom.

Ys is a fast and frantic action adventure series similar in vein to The Legend of Zelda but with less depth to its world and a lot more focus on flashy combat. It makes for a nice substitute when you are in the mood for something that is a bit shallower with a rockin soundtrack and easy anime graphical style. This game has been released before in America, but the PSP and PlayStation 2 versions are considered inferior to the PC version, which is the platform where the series tends to shine the brightest.

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim will launch for $19.99 on Steam,, and the Humble Store on April 28, and those who buy it will be a 15 percent discount during its first week of availability.