YouTube support for 360 degree videos is almost here, but today we're learning a bit more about how the new feature will work. CNET reports that the service will launch on a number of platforms. It's unclear if and how Google Cardboard fits in, but virtual reality is a natural way to consume 360-degree content.

At launch, you'll be able to experience 360 degree videos on YouTube using the official app for Android by simply moving your phone or tablet around to explore. The company plans to offer the same thing on iPhones and iPads, though that's still in development. For now, you'll also be able to try it out with Google's Chrome browser on a desktop computer, exploring each video by clicking and dragging the cursor.

As for Google Cardboard, there's no official word how the new feature will work in virtual reality. Then again, you should be able to simply strap in your phone, boot up the YouTube app and experience it in VR without too much effort. The same is likely true for other headsets like Samsung's Gear VR, which uses a similar smartphone-based system.

CNET even offers up a list of 360-degree cameras set to work with the new feature at launch, including  Bublcam, Giroptic's 360cam, IC Real Tech's Allie, Kodak's SP360 and Ricoh's Theta. However, it's unclear if one of our favorite cameras, the 360fly, will make the cut initially.

We're still not sure exactly when 360 degree videos will hit YouTube, though it should be any day now. Google is also planning show off the new technology next month at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles, where you'll be able to try one of the camera for yourself and learn from trained staff on-site.