To celebrate the 57th year of the videotape recorder, YouTube has implemented a VHS mode for specific videos.

You know someone is out of touch with technology when all they have beside their tube TV is a VHS player. What if the entire Internet streamed VHS quality content? To celebrate the 57th birthday of the first video cassette recorder, Google has implemented a new VHS mode for specific YouTube videos—no TechnoBuffalo ones sadly. Now that would be something: a vintage iPhone 5 unboxing.

The mode is actually pretty clever—quality is fuzzy, distorted and overall reminds us why only grandparents still continue to watch John Wayne movies on VHS. You can activate it by tapping a VHS button on the bottom-right side of a video. Try pausing the clip for a particularly cool effect.

It's all in commemoration of the Ampex VRX-1000, which is regarded as the first commercial videotape recorder. Back on April 14, 1956, at the National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters Convention, the technology apparently blew people's minds during a demonstration. Now we have 4K TVs and phones that can record 1080p videos.