youtube google+ comments update

Google announced a new update today for YouTube that may finally fix the site’s comments section, which currently hosts some of the most heated and pointless arguments online, by forcing users to comment through their Google+ accounts and tweaking the site to show relevant posts rather than the most recent comments.

YouTube announced the news today on its official blog, noting that the update will launch this week in the channel discussion tab before eventually rolling out to the entire site later this year. The update creates a personalized comments section for each user, showing comments written by people in your Google+ Circles up top along with comments from the video’s creator and other “popular personalities.”

Users will be able to choose between posting public or private comments, which means you’ll be able to start a conversation with just people you already know through Google+ right under a YouTube video. Content creators will also get more tools for moderating the discussions beneath their videos, including the ability to always block certain words or auto-approve comments from specific accounts.