Soon it won't just be Roku that is joining the ranks of devices capable of playing YouTube TV with a native app.

YouTube and Roku announced on Thursday morning that the YouTube TV service was finally available on the popular streaming platform. It appears, however, that the Google-owned company isn't stopping there. In a statement to CNET, YouTube has confirmed that support for Apple TV is coming "very soon."

While no timeline is provided, with the number of big events happening in the near future – Super Bowl, Winter Olympics, Oscars and so on – it seems as though the sooner the better would be a good idea.

YouTube TV is the company's cord-cutting solution that serves customers in over 80 markets and provides over 40 channels for $35 a month. The service also allows for unlimited DVR storage, sharing of accounts with other family members and more.

While adding more platforms to view the service on is a good thing, rolling the service outside of the major metro areas is also going to be essential for this service to succeed along with the addition of more channels.

We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available about YouTube TV coming to the Apple TV platform.

UPDATE: And just like that, the service is now live on Apple TV boxes as of Thursday afternoon.