Yup, it finally happened. YouTube announced on its blog Friday that the video sharing giant will be teaming up with several members of Hollywood, sports networks, music stations and more to bring original content to the site. Similar to how Cable television entwined itself within the standard channels, YouTube’s new content creators will be producing shows and features specifically for YouTube.

According to YouTube’s sneak peek, categories will include Pop Culture, Sports, News and Education and Lifestyle. Familiar faces will consist of WWE, Smosh, The Onion, Tony Hawk, Stan Lee and Shaquille O’Neal. Contrary to YouTube’s original slogan, the company now flaunts the phrase, “Broadcasting Ourselves” to signify the emergence of the new original channels.

There’s no specific date slated for YouTube’s implementation of original channels to make it into the fold, but the site hints at a launch sometime next month in November. Roughly 25 hours of new content will be piped out daily from around 100 channels when YouTube’s original content begins to flow.

This could go in a few directions. The original content will either flop on its face with washed up celebrities, or it could generate even more traffic and views due to the fact that it’s official programming designed for YouTube. Perhaps it will aid the filtration of user-submitted YouTube garbage that pollutes the site on a daily basis.

What do you guys think about YouTube’s latest venture?

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