YouTube video page layout 12/2012

YouTube is rolling out a new look for its video pages along with a guide that will help you consume that much more video when you’re on the site.

We first spotted the new YouTube layout back on Oct. 5, and ever since then it has been a cat and mouse game of it randomly appearing. YouTube announced today that this is indeed the new look, and it is currently rolling out to accounts, but it does appear to be a staggered as not all the TechnoBuffalo staff is seeing it quite yet. You will find a much cleaner page with a more compact view. To the side you will also find a guide that will allow you to quickly jump through your subscriptions without having to jump to any other pages.

The front page has also received a major overhaul that makes it look much cleaner and crisper, and should keep you browsing videos for hours on end.

YouTube does state that it is looking for feedback on this overhaul, so if you have strong feelings on it, make sure to let them know.

[via YouTube]