Back in 2008, when I ventured into the video review world, I became member of the YouTube community like millions of other people. As I started uploading my creations, I quickly learned of one major limitation: The dreaded ten minute time limit.

After a bit of complaining to myself, it became fairly obvious that YouTube needed a way to prevent people from uploading full length television shows and movies, hence the limit on time.  The one way around the time limit was to become a YouTube Partner, thus affording you certain privileges such as ad revenue possibilities and the elimination of the limitation. youtube_logoTo become a YouTube partner one must submit an application and have their channels reviewed by the YouTube Partner Program, many get approve, but the overwhelming majority do not.

Back in July, YouTube raised the upload limit to fifteen minutes for all users. In a surprise move this past week, an announcement came down stating that YouTube will be allowing selected users, with a history of compliance to the YouTube Community Guidelines and copyright rules to upload videos exceeding fifteen minutes. The company states that the switch to longer videos has been made possible due to continued advances in their Content ID system and other tools that lets studios manage their content online.

Keep in mind the limits will not be lifted for all users, but if you have been following the guidelines set forth by YouTube in the past, you have a much better chance of the time limit being lifted. The company has not said if they would notify users of the lifted restriction or if you will have to find out on your own with an attempted upload.

So dig out that movie of your daughter’s school play, or your son’s state championship football game, and give it a shot. You may be pleasantly surprised that the fifteen minute restriction has been lifted from your account and can now let your creativity run wild.

We want to know how many of you have the ability to upload videos longer than fifteen minutes so please give it a try and report your findings below.