It's the model we wish cable providers would adopt: we want to watch TV, but we don't see the need to pay for every single channel if we only watch a handful. YouTube clearly knows there's interest in this form of content delivery and is allegedly gearing up to launch paid subscription options for several channels. We don't know what the channels are yet, but AdAge said we can expect to pay between $1 and $5 per month for access to the content.

YouTube is allegedly thinking about showing off the new subscription model during the Digital Content New Fronts conference this spring where it hopes to woo big advertisers to the platform. Google, for its part, seems to confirm the speculation:

"We have long maintained that different content requires different types of payment models," Google told AdWeek. "The important thing is that, regardless of the model, our creators succeed on the platform. There are a lot of our content creators that think they would benefit from subscriptions, so we're looking at that."

Would you cough up $1-$5 a month for access to a premium YouTube channel? Or do you prefer watching ads and hope YouTube stays free instead?