Yesterday, Google officially announced YouTube's new One Channel redesign, which lets users customize their own channels with cover photos, trailers and more. The new YouTube design is scaled across desktop browsers, mobile and TV for a unified look and feel.

YouTube first offered One Channel as a limited trial earlier this year before opening it up as an optional switch-over in March. According to Google, channels that adopted the new design saw an increase in both visitors and subscribers.

The main features offered by One Channel include channel art (similar to Facebook's cover photo), a trailer that plays when someone lands on your channel, separate sections within your channel for videos and playlists, and the ability to link your channel to Google+ and the rest of your social media accounts.

The introduction of Channel One is meant to complement Google's new subscription channel's program, providing a clean and professional look for the original content Google is paying millions of dollars to host. However, the redesign will also improve the YouTube experience for the site's independent users who drive billions of views to the site, and that's not a bad thing either.