YouTube has been offering HDR videos for just over a month now, but it's difficult to find a device that lets you enjoy them. Fortunately, support is already expanding, with YouTube HDR now available on compatible Samsung TVs released in 2016.

All of Samsung's Ultra HD and quantum dot sets are capable of displaying HDR video, so they can all enjoy YouTube HDR. To get started, you'll need to download and install the latest update for your TV, which is rolling out to all over the coming weeks.

Once your set has been updated, simply make your way to YouTube's 4K channel where you'll find a dedicated HDR category, according to Samsung.

"With the global availability of YouTube's HDR, we at Samsung are thrilled to support the best HDR viewing experience and a wide range of HDR content for users to enjoy," said Seline Han, Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung.

"We are confident that our TVs will bring to life an immersive HDR viewing experience — all from the comfort of our users' homes."

To celebrate this expansion, the YouTube app will feature new HDR videos from popular content creators like MysteryGuitarMan and Jacob + Katie Schwartz. But don't assume that you will be able to enjoy all of YouTube's 4K videos in HDR.

4K content isn't recorded in HDR as standard, and finding HDR content on YouTube is still difficult. Although there is an HDR playlist, it doesn't appear to have been updated recently, with only four videos to choose from.