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Industry speculation and even a few lines of code have suggested that Google is working on an unlimited music service through YouTube. Google already has its own All Access Music service for computers, Android and iOS, but perhaps it’s going to change that up on YouTube with a video tie-in. There’s no use in holding your breath, however, because AllThingsD says it has learned that the service won’t launch until 2014. No surprise there, since we have less than a month left in the year.

Apparently Google had tried to deploy its YouTube music streaming service sometime in 2013, though, and already secured the appropriate licenses from partners to do so. It’s the actual service that Google isn’t proud of yet. “I’m told that the company isn’t satisfied with the product itself,” AllThingsD‘s Peter Kafka said.

YouTube is still trying to work out some kinks, apparently. One kink, Kafka says, is how to “integrate user-generated content,” into its offering. I guess that’s compelling enough, and shows how YouTube might distinguish the music service from Google Play All Access, complete with video content, though I’m more interested in artist-made videos and music as opposed to those created by fans.

The launch is currently scheduled for the first quarter of 2014, AllThingsD said, so we have a few months to find out what it will offer.