YouTube Redesign Feb 2014

If YouTube looks a little bit different to you today on YouTube, you aren't imagining things.

The site that has launched a thousand careers – including TechnoBuffalo – has launched a new responsive design for its site today. The videos on the main page are now centered and will remain so due to responsive design no matter what size screen you're on. The look is mean to feel similar to the one you now enjoy on mobile devices, where YouTube revealed almost half of its views come from these days.

Playlist functionality also received an update today. The Playlists hub in your account now shows playlists you've created as well as the ones channels that you have liked. Playlist editing has also been made easier thanks to a new editor page. The lists will also now be easier to find on a channel by simply looking for its Playlists tab.

If there is one thing Internet users fear more than anything, it's change. Any time a popular site changes the way it works there is sure to be an outcry from the users, and this is sure to be no different. As with most changes, however, it is sure to grow on everyone.

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