Google has finally brought its YouTube Kids app to Android TV, more than two years after the service made its debut. The app allows children to enjoy content on the world's biggest video-sharing site, without the worry that they might stumble upon something inappropriate.

With billions of entertaining videos, YouTube is a popular place for any age group. No matter what you're into, you'll find something interesting to watch. A lot of that content is aimed at kids, which makes YouTube incredibly appealing to youngsters with phones and tablets. The only problem is, it's easy for them to stumble across content that isn't aimed at kids.

That's why Google developed YouTube Kids. Launched on mobile devices in February 2015, it filters out inappropriate videos to ensure that children only see the right content. It keeps them entertained and gives parents peace of mind. The service has been slowly expanding its reach, and back in April, it was rolled out to Smart TVs made by LG, Samsung, and Sony — but there was no sign of it coming to Android TV. Today, that finally changes.

YouTube Kids is now available to download from the Google Play Store on Android TV. It's almost exactly the same app you get on mobile, with content categorized into shows, music, learning, and explore sections. It sports big buttons for easy navigation, and automatically plays videos in fullscreen mode, so it's easy for little hands to operate.

You also get the same parental controls, with the option to specify how long kids can watch videos for, and the ability to disable search. However, certain things — like content blocking — are not yet available in this version of the app.