youtube-jon-rettingerYouTube has changed the way we watch and share video. From its humble beginnings in 2005, it has gone on to become the number three most visited site in the world, according to To get a small glimpse of its scope, YouTube revealed earlier this year that people now upload 72 hours of video to the site every minute. Holy cow.

The site's success, of course, wouldn't be anywhere near where it is today without the creators and innovators who share their videos on YouTube everyday. So as a thank you, YouTube on Thursday announced its first ever YouTube Partner Rewards, celebrating any channel that has surpassed the one million subscriber mark.

"Our creators have amassed colossal audiences, invented new genres of entertainment, built global brands that transcend media, and are reaching new milestones every day," YouTube said. "Simply put, their channels are taking over the world."

Nearly 80 channels — EpicMealTime, Mondo Media, Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres, to name a few — have amassed over 500 million subscribers and 251 billion views combined.

The TechnoBuffalo YouTube channel isn't quite at the one million subscriber milestone yet, but we're approaching the half mil mark at 318,263 as of this writing. As a result, YouTube bestowed upon us a nifty $500 gift card and camera case as we continue on our journey for one million subscribers.

Our growth is not only a testament to the hard work we put in each day, but also as a result of you, the Herd, faithfully tuning in week in and week out. You can bet we'll continue to put in the hours, as long as you guys continue to watch, and hopefully one day unlock the one million subscriber achievement.

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