As promised, Google on Monday officially rolled out YouTube for Kids. It's a special application that's catered to younger audiences, and allows parents to better manage what their kids are viewing on YouTube.

The new YouTube for Kids application provides video content from various YouTube channels, such as Reading Rainbow and National Geographic for Kids, and also provides music videos. Children can search by voice, or interact with the large and easy to use user interface. There's also a parental control so that parents can set a timer and allow kids only a specific amount of time inside the app.

"In the new YouTube Kids app on Android and iOS, videos are narrowed to focus on content that is appropriate for the whole family," Google explained on its blog on Monday. "You might explore DIY arts and crafts, learn how to find the circumference of a circle, or watch favorites from Mother Goose Club to Minecraft, as well as new series from National Geographic Kids and Reading Rainbow. And there are more train videos than even you can count."

While it was originally thought that YouTube for Kids would only be available for Android, it's also available for iOS devices. Hit the source to check it out now.