After what seems like an eternity of rumors and false starts, YouTube is finally testing its live streaming video capabilities today with a handful of its partner accounts. Don’t get too excited, though as this truly is just a “test”.

For today and tomorrow YouTube will be doing live streaming shows with its partner channels HowcastNext New NetworksRocketboom and Young Hollywood. Each channel will be doing live shows for both days, but as the archiving ability is not yet up and running, don’t expect to come back a day later and see these shows.

youtube logoThis very early test of the technology is only for two days, and there is no word on when we might see it return as a beta tool, let alone a full-production tool. The other bad news is that every bit of information out there stresses that this is for partner channels, which means don’t expect your channel that only your parents subscribe to to be getting the functionality.

While this is a bit of a let down, the reasons for it are probably two-fold. The first would be that the amount of resources it would take to roll this out to every channel would be mind boggling, and secondly … well … we all remember the problems with Chatroulette and the exposing of many, many body parts. There has also been numerous problems on sites such as with people showing pay-per-view events which violate copyrights, at least one teenager committing suicide and so on, so by restricting this to the partner channels, there is a bit more safety in it for the company.

While this isn’t the final roll out of the product, at least we are finally getting closer to this product we have heard so much about.

What say you?  Are you ready for live streaming to finally hit YouTube?