YouTube feat There's another change to YouTube subscriber counts coming this week that may leave some content producers less than thrilled: The removal of deleted accounts.

Last month YouTube started adjusting subscriber counts, one of the most important metrics for how successful a YouTube producer is, by removing what they deemed to be fake accounts.  At the time of the announcement they were also supposed to include closed accounts in that house cleaning, but the company decided to push that portion of the correction back.  Now YouTube has announced in a blog post that those changes will be taking place this Thursday, February 9.

We are ready to proceed with removing closed accounts from all user subscriber counts on Thursday, February 9th.  A mentioned previously, all users will see a one-time adjustment to their total subscriber counts.  For further details about how this affects your channel, you should view your YouTube Analytics "Subscribers" reports.

All of this is being done in an effort to make sure that everyone has the fairest and most accurate count possible, and if an account has been closed, then there is no possible way that it is continuing to watch your videos.

If you're a creator and you see your numbers drop this week, at least you'll know why.

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[via YouTube Creators Blog]