Nexus 7 - YouTube-App

Last month, Google revealed that starting in November YouTube would allow users to temporarily save videos on their mobile devices and watch them later. Now, the search giant has released more information, detailing exactly how the new feature will work.

Just like the company promised, you’ll be able to save video through your mobile device’s YouTube app for up to 48 hours, allowing playback even when you don’t have an Internet connection via a new “on device” section of the YouTube sidebar. If you stay offline for more than two days you’ll temporarily lose access to saved videos, but once you reconnect the page will refresh, allowing users to watch their content again. It doesn’t sound like there’s a limit on how many videos you can save offline, though Google may reveal more information when the new feature launches next month.

Google also notes that saved videos will be treated the same way as those hosted on YouTube. Each offline viewing will be registered in the video’s total view count, while DMCA takedown requests and the like will affect saved videos. For YouTube’s content creators, the new feature will automatically be enabled at launch, but you can disable it now. Users can also block offline viewing for specific videos, channels and countries. Head over to Google’s official announcement via the source link below for directions on how to access the new “Add to Device” settings.