Maybe you want to capture baby’s first Christmas. Or share your brother’s hilariously epic Wile E. Coyote–style slip on the ice outside. (That’ll teach him for spoiling your girlfriend’s gift.) Well, whatever’s on the menu, one thing is for sure — a tremendous load of holiday footage is going to be taken and uploaded in the next couple of weeks.

If you’re among the shooters, you could just fire up that native camera app, switch it over to video, record the action, fire up another editing tool and then upload it. Easy peasy, right? Uh, okay… well, there are easier ways. Take Google’s YouTube Capture, for instance. The new iOS app just debuted in the App Store recently, and if you’re a vid-taking fiend, it’s definitely worth a coveted spot on your homescreen.

Holy smokes. I knew that the app promised to make recording, editing and uploading on the fly simple, but this was ridiculous. It was so lightning fast, I was dubious that they actually landed in my YouTube account and kept checking it at every upload to ensure the clips were really there. (They were.) Again and again, I shot, edited and uploaded clips literally in moments with the briefest of actions.

Not only can you set it to start recording as soon as you launch and hold it in landscape mode — no fussing or swiping toggles — but you can also process pre-recorded clips in a flash, thanks to Photo Library access. Need color-correction, trimming or stabilizing? No problem, all that’s available within the same app, as well as a default list of YouTube-approved soundtracks if you’re in need of a little mood music. When you’re ready, a single tap sends your masterpiece to YouTube, Google+, Facebook and/or Twitter. That beats the pants off the native Camera app’s sharing feature, which is only available when you manually enter your photo library, and its “post” editing tool only allows for trimming.

Obviously the options will be too “dumbed-down” for Final Cut virtuosos. Everyday users, however, will find this streamlined offering incredibly intuitive and easy to use, especially for immortalizing those holiday moments on the fly. Hopefully Google will make it available for Android soon — which, curiously, somehow got bypassed for the launch phase — because this is one of the most streamlined, fastest and most elegant content creation tools I’ve ever seen, and it deserves a strong cross-platform fanbase. For now, however, YouTube Capture is only available in the iOS App Store. So if you’re rocking an Apple mobile gadget, don’t wait to install this handy app. You’ll want to do it before that one-of-a-kind moment suddenly crops up.

Have you tried out YouTube Capture, or are you sticking with another alternative? Let us know how you’re shooting in the comments.

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