Gamers, rejoice: YouTube can now play  videos recorded at 60 frames per second.

According to The Verge, we've seen some 60fps videos before, but this is the first time it's worked for regular user uploads. While this update doesn't apply specifically to video games and gamers, that's the audience that will be most immediately and obviously impacted by the update.

While not every game is running at 60fps, more and more are. With YouTube being the first place people go to check out game trailers and demo footage, games that do run at 60fps have been hindered by YouTube's previous 30fps cap. No one's going to call YouTube comments a bastion of intelligence, but it's not uncommon to see someone watch a trailer for a game and comment that it doesn't look any different than the previous generation of consoles. Watching game footage run at 60fps, though, makes an immediately apparent difference. Check out the Mario Kart 8 video above to see just how big a difference it is.

To watch a video that's available at 60fps, you'll have to watch at 720 or 1080p. This currently works better on desktop browsers than it does on mobile, but updates to YouTube's apps shouldn't be too far behind.