Whether you buy your Switch games digitally or plug one of those tiny, delicious-looking Nintendo Switch game cards into your system, once you’ve saved your game, that save is stuck on that hardware for the time being.

The Nintendo Switch is now out in the wild and in gamers’ hands. The day-one patch has come along, so those with review units are playing the same version of the system that consumers are just beginning to plug in.

What people are finding out is that there’s no functionality in the Switch system menu to shuffle your saves around, despite the system taking microSD cards are large as 2TB (which don’t even exist yet). They save straight to the Switch’s internal 32GB memory, and that’s that. Game cards aren’t rewritable either, so there’s no way to store the save with the game – not to mention any future patches the game might pick up after launch.

Nintendo can fix this.

For many gamers, this isn’t going to be an issue. Most Switch owners will buy the system, and just that one, and it’ll work through its life and they’ll never have a need to move their saves around.

Even so, this is definitely something that’ll affect some people. If your Switch breaks or is stolen, there’s no backup for the hundreds of hours you’ve put into The Legend of Zelda or any of Nintendo’s other massively-replayable franchises.

Nintendo could add this functionality. They’re already working on stuff like the Virtual Console and their paid online service. Microsoft has changed almost everything about the Xbox One since it launched in 2013, including adding additional storage options. Nintendo just has to follow suit.

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