Did you know that your cat can do its funny YouTubey thangs to a soundtrack of edited music? If not, this is a good time to check it out. The site tweaked its online audio tools to allow for a bit more control in mixing tracks, while still keeping things easy peasy. The interface has been revised and includes a slider mechanism, so uploaders can lay down a musical score over the vid's original sound using the AudioSwap feature.

– You asked for more tracks, and our library of songs now includes more than 150,000 tracks–and growing!
– You can now mix music into your video's soundtrack at levels ranging from "soft background" to "completely replace."
– Our "featured tracks" make it easy to find the best songs across genres for a variety of moods. – We've revamped the Audio Editing user interface to make it easier to use…

This is definitely kind of cool, and it gets even better — not only are there "featured tracks" displayed, but the site also added a boatload of more royalty-free music (totaling 150,000+ entries). This is flat-out sweet. No more hunting for just the right usable (and rights-friendly) songs or clips, or pre-editing before uploading, just for a simple soundtrack. It's all right there in the browser, and the selection is pretty big.

And this is just the beginning, says the official YouTube blog. The site will be making even more refinements to the audio editing tools.

For a glimpse at how it works, check out the video, or to play around with it on an uploaded vid, go to your YouTube account, and hit up Video Manager > Edit > Enhancements > Audio.

[via The Next Web]